You found us!  We are very happy that you have included My Lil Wranglers in your search for quality childcare and preschool.  This is the time of year when people scramble for childcare, and our small schools have limited openings.  Feel free to peruse this website.  It should answer most of your questions about daycare services from infant care - kindergarten.  Feel free to call me (Dawn) on my mobile phone (817-692-2066) 7 days a week.  I will be happy to answer any questions, but this is The Top 10 List of why you should choose My Lil Wranglers!

My Lil wranglers Preschools - Keller, Texas

The Top 10 List

1)  Our classes are small and your child will get lots of attention here.  The big corporate centers may have the big playground equipment, but they can not compete with our teacher to child ratio. We have happy kids at My Lil Wranglers and every one of them gets the attention they deserve!

2)  We are Affordable.  Our base rates are very competitive and we have three payment plans to choose from.  You can 1) pay monthly  2) pay weekly, or 3) choose the school year only plan (perfect for teachers)  

3)  We are Flexible.  Because we are small, we can do things that the big guys can't.  Just because we don't advertise it doesn't mean that we can't do it.  We can do an abbreviated day if that is what you need. Need Part-time care?  Done!.  If you need something not advertised, ask and we will see if we can help you with your childcare and preschool needs.

4)  We offer a family and friends discount.  If your family has two children enrolled 4 - 5 days per week you get a 10% discount off the top!  If you refer a friend that signs up 4 days per week or more, we will give you a $100 credit towards your tuition.

5)  We are a family business and we are all educators.  I am a certified teacher; My daughter and her husband are both one year away from their teaching degrees; My husband is a teacher; His parents are teachers; Etc.  You can be rest assured that we have highly qualified teachers that come to work every day to get your child ready for "Big School".

6)  We are the only preschool in Keller to earn accreditation through the Texas School Ready Initiative. Through this initiative, we have accumulated the best curriculum that money can buy (Open the World to Learning and Frog Street Press), and we have been trained how to use the curriculum.  Our lead Pre-K teachers work closely with our three year old teachers to make sure our three-year-olds are up to speed for our rigorous Pre-K program.

7)  We are more than just ABC's and 123's.  It is our mission to teach the whole child by immersing them in an exploratory program.  We have several things going on every week, and our full-time students will get all of it.  Our part-time kids also get the benefit of our extra programming if they are in attendance on the delivery days.

8)  All of our kids do Creative movement, Dance, and PE in our program.  My Mother-in-law is a Master Dance Teacher of over 40 years.  She has worked closely with us to devise a program that teaches our kids to move with the beat!  This program is good for both boys and girls as coordination is important for any aspiring dancer or athlete. 

9)  We have hired Ms. Claudia to immerse our kids into the world of Espanol twice per week.  The kids love Spanish Class.  It is amazing what they can learn at such a young age.

10)  We have two locations in Keller.  Hopefully one of them is close to your home or commute to work.