My Lil wranglers Preschools - Keller, Texas

Private Kindergarten


Private Kindergarten was what launched My Lil' Wranglers into the successful business that it is today.  Ms. Dawn is the owner of My Lil Wranglers, and she is experienced in teaching 1st grade in the public schools including Willis Lane Elementary School in Keller.  She did it for eight years, and she knows what it looks like to be ready for first grade.  You won't find a more qualified teacher than Ms. Dawn.

If you are looking for a private kindergarten teacher, come take a tour with Ms. Dawn and My Lil' Wranglers.  We will modify our preschool curriculum for your child to make sure they receive challenging work that will move them forward in the early literacy years.  Ms. Dawn has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education that emphasized in the teaching of reading.  It is so important for Kindergarten students to get a jump start in reading.  Ms Dawn will put your child on the right path.

Because she has worked for Keller ISD as a first grade teacher, she is very aware of the skills students will need to be successful in first grade.  It is not just about reading, writing, and math.  From cutting with scissors, to reading a book, to mastering early math skills, and reciting the Pledge Allegiance, Ms. Dawn will have your child where they need to be before they enter first grade.

Ms. Dawn has been formally trained in the Best Practices utilized in Early Elementary Education.  You can be rest assured that your child will be receiving the correct curriculum delivered in a manner that is research based.  We know exactly what Keller ISD teaches in their Kindergarten and 1st Grade classrooms.  With our small class sizes, we can do everything listed in their curriculum and more!