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Our Full-Time Program services children from 12 months old to Pre-Kindergarten.   Our Pre-K Class utilizes Scholastic's Open the World to Learning Program.  Ms. Dawn is the owner of My Lil Wranglers and she is the Pre-K instructor.  Ms. Dawn has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Arizona.  She has 9 years of experience as a first grade teacher, so your kids are lucky to have a teacher that knows what is expected in "Big School".  With Ms. Dawn you get an experienced Pre-K teacher and you can be rest assured that your instructor won't change three times during the school year, because she is the owner!  Expect about Twelve students in Ms Dawn's class.  Compare that to 18 in most of the large centers in Keller.

Our three year old classroom is taught by Ms. Kaisa.  Ms. Kaisa has an Elementary Education Degree from WGU.  This classroom uses the Frog Street Press to guide instruction.  Ms. Kaisa has been with My Lil Wranglers since it's very first year.  She does a great job for our students and our school.  Expect about Ten students in this classroom  One of the advantages of this school is our classroom ratio.  Expect 15 children in the three year old classrooms in the larger childcare centers in Keller.

Expect about 10 children in our two year old classroom!  Ms. Tarah teachers our two year old classroom and she has been with My Lil Wranglers for 4 years now.  Again, you have a stable teacher to establish a relationship with your child.  A stable staff is one of the strengths of our small, intimate center.

Our Tot classroom is taught my Ms. Jennifer.  Ms. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in Biology.  Her husband teachers Astronomy for the University of Texas at Arlington.  She does a great job in this small class that normally has about five to six children in attendance.  These kids get plenty of play time, story time, and lots of attention!

‚ÄčMy Li'l Wranglers Early Learning Center 6 weeks to 3rd grade