My Lil wranglers Preschools - Keller, Texas


Spanish seems to be one of the crazes these days, and we are on board.  Spanish is a regular part of our preschool curriculum, and our kids love it.  We can't bear to watch the kids cry when their friends get to participate and they can't, so Spanish is included in your tuition.

Physical Education

When the weather gets nice, my son-in-law, Coach Matt, organizes our PE program.  Matt was a state wrestling champion for Keller High School a few years ago, and it is so cute to listen to the kids call for Coach Matt when he walks in the door.  Wait until you see your kid say, "High Five, Good Game"!


Dance is offered at many daycare centers, but we think we have the best deal going!  Dance has played a huge role in our family, and our connections in the dance community are deep.   She will be working with boys and girls as they learn how to hop, skip, and adjust their movement to rhythm.  We wanted everybody to receive the Gift of Dance, so there is no extra fee here.  Wait until you see the kids dance in one of our programs.  They love to show off!