At the heart of a good school is a solid curriculum.  And we are Texas School Ready!  

We are educators, and we know curriculum.  Here is the foundation that is used to organize My Lil Wranglers.  

0 - 36 months

During this crucial time, kids are on a continuum.  Classes are small so teachers can give the kiddos the attention they need and deserve.  Depending on the age of the child, our kiddos will be getting a combination of lap-time activities, floor-time activities, Outdoor Activities, and Art Activities.   We spend a lot of time interacting with our children through stories, and our stories are connected by seven common themes that are used throughout the first three years of the child's life.  The themes are as follows:  1)  Babies and Children  2)  Family  3)  Food  4)  Home  5)  Outside  6)  Animals  and 7)  Friends.  Obviously, as they grow they become more independent, and our lessons allow for that.  For our very youngest, the activities are mostly teacher directed.  As they get a bit older, the activities are teacher assisted.  By the time they start approaching three years old, the activities become more and more student directed. 

Threes - It's Preschool time!

Three-year-olds are very curious by nature, and our curriculum is designed to hone into that curiosity.  Our day starts with Circle time where we greet our friends, talk about the weather, look at the calendar, and organize our day.  The bulk of instruction happens through the reading of stories and exploration through our centers, which our organized around our monthly themes.  The themes that are used to organize instruction might look something like this:  All about me, The Five Senses, My Community, All about Food, The homes where people and animals live, All about the weather, All about animals, More about animals, Transportation, Growing Things, The Four Seasons, and our Favorite things.  Our teachers are trained to use these themes to get your youngsters excited about learning, and then we let them learn through structured play!

Fours - It's time for Pre-Kindergarten

Center based instruction continues in the four-year-old classroom.  We utilize the OWL curriculum for this age group which we acquired in our accreditation process for the Texas School Ready Grant.  Like the three-year-old classroom, instruction is organized around themes, and circle-time and center-time are used to organize the activities that the kids experience during this crucial time.  Remember, Ms. Dawn was a first grade teacher for 8 years.  She knows what it looks like to be ready for school, and that is what we do.  We do everything in our power to make sure that our kids have the knowledge and the skills to be successful when they venture to "Big School"


Our extra-curricular program is second to none.  These are not add-ons.  All of our children get to experience these activities which is the advantage of an "Academy".  So, Dance, PE, and Spanish are regular activities at My Lil Wranglers.  So don't be surprised if your kiddo can do ballet, swing a baseball bat, or talk a little Espanol.  

My Lil wranglers Preschools - Keller, Texas